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Millikin Basics + Elementary

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    Welcome to Millikin Basics+ Elementary School!


    22-23 Breakfast & Lunch Service


    Nutrition Services 2022/2023

    California Universal Meals begins July 1, 2022

    What is the same?

    • Students enrolled in a school site will eat for free regardless of meal status

    • All schools will offer breakfast and lunch

    • No cash will be accepted

    • No charges are allowed, you must have funds in your Schoolcafe account to purchase food

    • All payments are made through Schoolcafe accounts. Make payments on your account at

    What is different?

    • Meal applications are required to be offered.  You can find them in the Nutrition Services share folder for printing here.

    • We will not be sending printed applications, online is preferred

    • Schools must offer breakfast and lunch

    • Students will need to identify at the point of purchase

    • Meals to go are no longer allowed

    • All meals must be consumed on-site

    • There will be no more meal distribution


    "Outstanding overall"

    CONGRATULATIONS to a team of (4) Millikin 4th Grade Students, Maahi Kale, Reet Agiwal, Sahana Mahesh, and Sonakshi Syamala, who won the ”'Outstanding Overall” award in the 4th/5th grade category at the 2022 Tech Challenge - presented by Amazon.

    The Challenge:

    Each year The Tech Challenge is conducted by The Tech Interactive Museum of San Jose.  Many bay area students participate in a variety of grade-level categories.  This year's challenge was titled “The Tech Challenge 2022: Kinetic Commotion” and the challenge was to create a device that uses stored energy to make five different and distinct sounds within a set operating time. No electrical and electronic components or store-bought solutions are allowed.

    Winning Team and Design:

    This team of Millikin 4th graders, named Sound Tech, built a wooden structure as the base and then drilled holes on the plank.  They then had a cardboard car, wound to a thread and powered by a key-in coil spring, pull a set of metal balls into the holes.  As they fell through, they would drop into different types of vessels (ceramic bowl, Tibetan bowl, aluminum plate, and clay pot)making distinctly different sounds as they landed.  

     In the final showcase, the team demonstrated the device in front of a panel of judges and then answered all of their questions related to the science concepts, engineering design, and their 4-month-long journey. They also documented the design, meeting minutes, and concepts in an engineering journal and discussed this in their final showcase. The result of this performance led to them being awarded the 'Outstanding Overall' award under the 4/5th grade category.

    Here are videos of the presentation and the demonstration:



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    5th Grade Historical Debate



    About Us

    Millikin Basics+ Elementary School is an alternative educational program open to all children in the Santa Clara Unified School District.

    The primary emphasis of the Basics+ program is the mastery of basic academic skills and establishment of good study habits. High standards of performance, accountability, and behavior are maintained. The program places greater responsibility on parents to develop the individual personal growth and responsibility of their children. The school places an emphasis on achieving proficiency in academic skills.