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School Uniform

Dress Code

Research shows a direct correlation between students' attire and their school behavior, attitude, and achievement.  Millikin's Dress Code plays a key role in maintaining a school environment that is safe, free of distraction, and supportive of the business of education.

  • Students and staff are expected to maintain high standards of conduct and appearance.  Cleanliness, health, and safety are guides to appropriate school attire.
  • A student's clothing and appearance should not be of such extremes as to draw undue attention to the child or interfere with the teaching and learning in the classroom.  If the teacher feels clothing is a disruption or a distraction, the student may be asked to wait in the office for a €œchange of clothing€.

Millikin School Uniform Policy

All students must be wearing seperated tops and bottoms in order to be in uniform. Think separate shirt and bottoms. If you have a question about if a clothing item is uniform please check with the office before purchasing.


  • PLAIN White, Grey, or Light Blue Polo Shirts with or without a Millikin logo

  • Millikin t-shirts with logo (Blue purchased from PTA) no other t-shirtAcceptable types of polo shirts


  • Plain Navy blue pants (Khaki style without extra pockets)

  • Plain Navy blue walking shorts (no shorter than 3” above the knee)

  • Plain Solid Navy full-length Sweatpants may be worn on PE days. No Logos, writing or extra pockets on the sweats.

  • Plain Navy blue skirts or skorts for girls only (no shorter than 3” above the knee) White, Light Blue or Navy leggings may be worn underneath Skirts if you so choose.

  • Plain Solid Navy Jumpers for girls only may be worn but still must have a white, grey or light blue polo under the top portion. (No full navy jumpers that are a shirt skirt combo.)

  • NO JEAN OR JEGGINS materials for any lower wear.

Acceptable types of pants, shorts, shirts, jumpers

OUTERWEAR that is permissible in the classroom must be:

  • Millikin logo blue sweatshirts (Sold through PTA)

  • Solid Navy/royal blue, white or grey sweatshirts/sweaters without logos, pictures or branding.

Students may wear additional heavy coats outside of the classroom that do not have to follow uniform colors but must be appropriate for school.


Closed-toe and heel shoes at all times. Tennis or athletic shoes on PE days for sure.

There will be a whole school Free Dress day on the last Friday of each month. Additional free dress days may be awarded to classrooms or whole school as recognition or for rewards.  Uniform clothes may be purchased anywhere. Uniform polo shirts with logos will be available for purchase through Apple Tree Uniforms but are not necessary. Logo T-shirts and Sweatshirts are sold through Millikin PTA. If you or your family needs financial assistance in providing uniform clothing for your student, please come to the office and we will assist you in obtaining uniforms for school.