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Activities and Traditions

This overview will help new families understand and participate in the activities and traditions of Millikin Basics+ School.  Further information will come home as time for each activity nears.

PTA Membership Drive
Classes strive to meet their PTA membership goal.  We encourage both parents as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members to join.

New Parents Reception
We welcome new parents to Millikin the morning of the first day of school with a PTA-sponsored reception and brief orientation program.  Kindergarten parents pick up their children after the reception.

Back-to-School Nights
We have two, a K-1 night and a 2-5 night.  This is a great opportunity to meet your child's teacher, hear about class plans and goals for the year, and ask questions that come up the first week of school.  Parents only, please.  Children are welcome to the Open House in the spring.

Our major school-sponsored fundraising effort is in late September.  Profits support class field trips, assemblies, awards, and other student activities.  Other PTA fundraising efforts occur through the year to support students and the school.

Art and Wine Festival
This city event is held in Central Park in mid-September.  As a fundraiser, Millikin parks cars on the school field.

Student Pictures
A professional photographer takes formal individual pictures, class pictures in the fall, and optional casual individual pictures in the spring.  Parents are not obligated to purchase.  The school receives some money in return from the photography company as a rebate based on sales.

Harvest Festival
This major fall family activity is held near Halloween.  Each class runs a booth.  Parents, teachers and children enjoy working at their class' booth and playing at the others.  The PTA food booth serves great lunch and snacks.  Costumes are allowed.

Reflections is a PTA nationally sponsored contest for creative work in writing, poetry, art, photography and music.  School judging is in early November.  All students are encouraged to enter their original work.

Holiday Food Drive and Family to Family
Students and classes collect food and money for needy families during the school year.  The projects teach important lessons in sharing and social responsibility.

Holiday Program
The major performance event of the year, the Holiday Program is one December evening of holiday music presented by the school Choir (grades 3-5) and primary classes (grades K-2).

Family Nights Out
These are social events for families to dine out with one another.  Millikin receives a percentage of the purchases.

Science Fair
Each child has an opportunity to prepare and submit a science project.  State standards require 5th grade student participation. Students must participate in either grades 3 or 4 to help them prepare for this.  Family support is encouraged, but the work must be the child's.  A parent information night is held prior to the Science Fair.  Projects are judged and exhibited Science Fair Night.  Selected entries are sent to the District Science Fair.

Family Math/Science
This is a night of math or science fun and activities for the whole family.

Parent Visitation Days
Our philosophy does not permit parent visitation to classes during school.  January Parent Visitation Days are the exception that offer parents an opportunity to watch their child's class and other classes in action.

All Millikin families are urged to participate in this major PTA fundraising and family social event in the spring when students secure pledges and then earn those pledges with their effort on the field.

Open House and Multicultural Celebration
Students and teachers open their classes to show off their fine work in May.  Parents and children are invited to visit their child's class and the rooms their child may be in next year.  At this time we celebrate the cultural diversity of our families and students with food and entertainment.

Teacher Appreciation Week
We cherish the effort and skill of our teachers all year long, but we set aside special times during the year to share appreciation from students and parents.

Play Day
Play Day is a June celebration of the students' year of good effort with a day of games, food, and other activities.  Teachers and room parents share preparation and supervision as all students join in the fun.

Book Fairs
Book fairs are held to promote reading and to encourage children to buy quality reading books.

Parent Education Nights (ongoing)
PTA and school-sponsored opportunities are offered for parents and families.  Subjects have included parenting skills, discipline, substance abuse, middle schools, testing, and computer skills.

Ice Cream Sales (ongoing)
After school several days a week, the PTA sells ice cream in front of the school.

General Mills Box Tops for Education Program
Box tops are collected throughout the year.  These are redeemed for school equipment and software programs.