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Basics+ Program History

The Basics+ Formal program was initiated by the Santa Clara Unified School District during the 1976-77 school year and successfully operated at Raynor School (K-3) and Laurelwood School (4-6) for two years.  The program was moved to Briarwood School as a total program (K-6) during the three years 1978-1981.  From 1976-1980 the program maintained one class at each grade level 1-6. For the 1980-81 school year the program added a kindergarten class as well as a one year pilot 7th grade class.

In 1981-82 as a result of district reorganization, the program moved to Millikin School, where it has since occupied a total campus.  Previous years saw the program functioning along with a regular program as a school within a school.

The program is noted for its excellent parent support, consistency, organization, and total staff commitment to student progress and responsibility.  Constancy, refinement of purposes, and problem solving have resulted in an excellent alternative school program for the Santa Clara Unified School District.