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Discipline Plan / School Rules

The Millikin Basics+ discipline plan supports our effort to maintain an environment that is safe, free of distraction, and supportive of the business of education.  Each child is expected to behave appropriately in all school settings and activities including evening functions and accept responsibility for his/her actions and the consequences of those actions.  Parents and staff share responsibility for maintaining and supporting the school's behavioral objectives and for working together to correct problems that arise.


Our discipline plan includes the premise that each child is responsible for his/her actions and the consequences of those actions in class and outside class.  Appropriate behavior will result in positive consequences, and inappropriate behavior will result in negative consequences.

Positive Consequences

Positive consequences are provided to recognize and reinforce appropriate, responsible behavior.  These consequences include:

  • Assemblies, field trips

  • Individual classroom awards

  • Other schoolwide and individual awards.

Negative Consequences 

Negative consequences are provided to teach appropriate, responsible behavior.  When a child breaks a rule or receives a referral, negative consequences may include the following:  

  • Warning, reprimand, or "time out" (missing recess).  

  • A written assignment or writing the non-observed rule 25 times, due the next day with a parent's signature.  If not turned in on time, the rule must be written 50 times.  If the doubled assignment is not turned in on the second day, the student will serve one hour in detention after school (grades  4/5).  Teacher notifies the parents.

  • Repeated behavior - Teacher notifies parent.  After school detention.

  • Principal notifies the parents.  Office detention/removal from classroom.

  • Loss of other privileges as appropriate, such as Super Citizen.

  • Suspension from school, parent, notification, parent conference with principal prior to readmission.

  • Behavior grade will be affected.


Only students grades 3-5 may ride bicycles to school.  Bicycle riders must:

  1. Know and follow basic safety rules.

  2. Have bicycles licensed for easy identification.

  3. Park and lock bicycles in the bicycle racks.

  4. Walk bicycles on and off school grounds.

  5. Wear a safety helmet.


To ensure a safe, successful learning environment, some items are not allowed at school without prior teacher approval for sharing.  Items deemed unsafe or distracting are held in the office.  They include:

  1. Firecrackers, knives, rubber bands, matches, BB shot, and other dangerous items.

  2. Toys, trading/playing cards, Fidget-Spinners, water pistols, balloons, noise makers.

  3. Tape recorders, radios, electronic games/toys, pagers, personal sports equipment.

  4. Gum, candy, sunflower/pumpkin seeds.

  5. Live or stuffed animals.


Students must take care of any personal items, including money, brought to school.  School cannot be responsible for the loss of personal items. Students with cell phones must have a parental permission form on file.


At school or at any school function students are expected to:

  1. Treat adults and each other with respect and courtesy.

  2. Walk quietly in the corridors. No Running.

  3. Drop off / Pick up  all students at their designated gates.  See our drop off / pick up rules below for more details.  

  4. Get teacher or supervisor permission before going to the office.

  5. Use appropriate language and gestures.

  6. Refrain from physical and verbal aggression.

  7. Leave the school grounds promptly after dismissal unless special arrangements have been made.

  8. Remain on school grounds during school hours unless signed out by a parent or guardian.

  9. Respect and take care of school property.

  10. Follow other rules and procedures, including those regarding bicycles, the cafeteria, the dress code, the playground, and items not allowed.


The playground will be closed before and after school for the 2021-22 school year.   

To ensure safety, courtesy, cooperation, healthy activity and equal opportunity for all students on the playground, students are to:

  1. Play on the playground in sight of the supervisor and not in the corridors, lavatories, or close to the fences or areas bordering Forbes Ave.

  2. Remain on their own grade level playground at recess.

  3. Get supervisor's permission before leaving the playground to go to the nurse, classroom, etc.  

  4. Report any problem on the playground to the supervisor.

  5. Refrain from using abusive language and engaging in aggressive, rough play.

  6. Stop playing when the bell rings to end recess, remain still and quiet until whistle is blown, line up in a quiet and orderly manner, and wait for their teacher.  Get drinks and use the restroom before the end of recess.

  7. Do not play under or near the solar panels or behind any of the buildings.  

Follow these rules for using playground equipment and apparatus:

  1. Use school provided sports equipment.  Personal sports equipment  is not to be brought to school. 

  2. Share all games and equipment.

  3. Refrain from interfering with games or activities.

  4. Kick only balls designated for kicking and only on the turf area.

  5. Refrain from sitting on inflated balls, including tether balls.

  6. Play only one game at a time at each backstop.

  7. Only one person at a time on the slide and ladder.  Wait on the step for a turn on the slide and then slide feet forward.  DO NOT climb up the slide.

  8. Share apparatus by counting.

  9. Climb and play only on bars and apparatus intended for climbing and playing.  DO NOT stand or sit on the bars.

  10. Refrain from playing ball against any building.

  11. Do not play tag or run in the tanbark.


NOTE:  For 2021-22 , lunch procedures may vary based on return of school protocols.

  1. Students are to sit at pre-assigned tables and remain seated until dismissed by a supervisor.

  2. Only quiet talking is permitted. 

  3. Students are to use good table manners.

  4. All food and drink must be eaten at the lunch table. Students may not share food.

  5.  Students are to clean their area before being dismissed and then dispose of  trash properly.