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Open Enrollment Policies

Enrollment in Millikin Basics+ is a lottery-only school, open to all students from Kindergarten through Grade 5 living within the boundaries of the Santa Clara Unified School District. 

Enrollment procedures are as follows:

  1. All enrollment is done through the SCUSD Open Enrollment Center.  For more details, visit the SCUSD Enrollment Center website at:

  2. Each year parents of current Millikin students and parents of students new to the school will be asked to verify their Proof of Residency in the Santa  Clara Unified School District. 

  3. Priority for enrollment is (1) retained/returning students, (2) siblings of currently enrolled Millikin students, (3) students of district employees, (4) SCUSD students on Open Enrollment Lists, (5) other SCUSD students.  (State law and district policy require that siblings of students already enrolled be given priority for enrollment.)

  4. Parents of currently enrolled students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 are asked to complete an "Intent to Return" form during the month of February.  These forms are used to establish classes for the coming year. 

  5. School attendance is very important at Millikin, as is being ON TIME each and every day. Unexcused absences and excessive tardies can result in immediate displacement from Millikin Basics + Program.  See our Absences Policies for further details.  

Prior to applying for Open Enrollment, you must register at your school of residence. If you do not know your school of residence, please refer to the District's School Finder. You can visit the District website for more information about the registration process. Please direct any enrollment questions to your school of residence or the District mainline at (408) 423-2000.



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Registration Homepage

New Parent Orientation

Millikin Basics+ is a choice school in Santa Clara Unified with a very specific instructional philosophy that does not work for all families and students. 

Please review our New Parent Orientation slideshow and view our incoming parent orientation (both listed above) for more information and to verify that Millikin will fit your child's learning style.  

Please note - Millikin NO LONGER offers school tours.