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Millikin Specific Dates

January 15 & 24, 2019

Parent Visitation:
9:00 - 10:00 am

Parent Orientation:
10:00 -11:00 am

(Adults Only at these events)

**Proof of Residency

Present to your school of residence, all of the documents listed:

for Home Owners:

  1. PG&E, Santa Clara or Sunnyvale Utility Bill
  2. Land / Cell Phone Bill
  3. Property Tax Bill / Space Rental Bill

for Renters:

  1. PG&E Bill, Santa Clara or Sunnyvale Utility Bill
  2. Land / Cell Phone Bill
  3. Current Rental Agreement

for those Living with Another Family:

  1. DMV Car Registration 
  2. Doctor Bill or Credit Card Bill
  3. Land / Cell Phone Bill


Open Enrollment Policies

Enrollment in Millikin Basics+ is open to all students Kindergarten through Grade 5 living within the boundaries of the Santa Clara Unified School District.

Enrollment is through the SCUSD Open Enrollment.

State law and district policy requires that siblings of students already enrolled be given priority for enrollment.

Priority for enrollment is (1) retained/returning students, (2)siblings of currently enrolled Millikin students (3) students of district employees, (4) SCUSD students on Open Enrollment Lists, (5) other SCUSD students.

Immunization Record, proof of birth (birth certificate or baptismal record), proof of residency are required for Kindergarten registration.

Each year parents of current Millikin students and parents of students new to the school will be asked to furnish Proof of Residency in the Santa Clara Unified School District.

Parents of currently enrolled students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 are asked to complete an "Intent to Return " form during the month of March.  These forms are used to establish classes for the coming year.

Enrollment Procedure

The SCUSD online Open Enrollment program for each school year will be conducted from January to February. Check the SCUSD website for specific deadlines.

Parents of students wishing to attend a school other than their school of residence (neighborhood school) must do the following:

1. Provide to their school of residence:

a) Child's Immunization Record
b) Birth Certificate and
c) Proof of Residency** (see left sidebar)

2. Receive a Permanent Student ID Number from their school of residence, before applying online. Allow 3-5 days for processing.

3. Complete the online Open Enrollment application at www.santaclarausd.org by the February deadline. 

2019 Parent Visitation Days

You are invited to visit Millikin's classrooms on either January 15th,  from 9:00 to 10:00 am, and January 24th followed by the Parent Orientation from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Parents only at all events.

The visitation will allow you to view the classroom setting in your child's upcoming grade or in your child's potential grade if admitted through the lottery. We will not be opening a classroom for observation if a substitute is teaching that day.


We encourage all parents and other interested adults to take advantage of these opportunities so you can be sure that Millikin is a good fit for your child.



*Please do not bring any pre-school or infant children to the classroom visitation or orientation.