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Enrollment Policies

Enrollment in Millikin Basics+ is open to all students Kindergarten through Grade 5 living within the boundaries of the Santa Clara Unified School District. 

Enrollment is through the SCUSD Open Enrollment.

State law and district policy requires that siblings of students already enrolled be given priority for enrollment.

Priority for enrollment is (1) retained/returning students, (2) students of district employees, (3) siblings of currently enrolled Millikin students (4) SCUSD students on Open Enrollment Lists, (5) other SCUSD students.

Immunization Record, proof of birth (birth certificate or baptismal record), proof of residency are required for Kindergarten registration.

Each year parents of current Millikin students and parents of students new to the school will be asked to furnish Proof of Residency in the Santa Clara Unified School District.

Parents of currently enrolled students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 are asked to complete an "Intent to Return " form during the month of March.  These forms are used to establish classes for the coming year.