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The development of good health habits and a strong health program will enhance the student's success and enjoyment of school.

  • ILLNESS OR ACCIDENT AT SCHOOL:  Parents will be called and emergency procedures followed as necessary.  It is essential that all children have a current emergency card on file.  Always report any change in the emergency card information immediately.
  • COMMUNICABLE DISEASES:  Parents will be notified of incidents of communicable disease by required form.  Notify the school if your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease.  In cases of head lice, Millikin has a NO NITS policy.  Students will not be readmitted to school until all nits have been removed from the child's hair.
  • RETURNING TO SCHOOL:  Do not return your child to school until temperature has been normal for 24 hours, vomiting/diarrhea symptoms have been gone for 24 hours, or strep throat antibiotics have been taken for 48 hours.
  • MEDICINE TO BE ADMINISTERED AT SCHOOL:  If your child must take medication at school including cough drops and over the counter medications, the law requires that the parent and physician provide written permission and specific instructions for administering the medication.  Forms are available at school for this purpose.  Medication must be provided in its original pharmaceutical container (Ed Code 49423).  Effort should be made to establish dosage intervals that occur outside school hours.

The school nurse is at Millikin one day each week.  He/she is responsible, with the principal, for planning, implementing, and evaluating the school health program.  His/her responsibilities include:

  • Providing health appraisals including vision and hearing testing, observing students for signs of health problems, reviewing health records and conferring with staff, students and parents regarding student health.
  • Referring students to appropriate medical and community agencies.
  • Providing staff information about student health problems to ensure student safety and assist the staff in making classroom adjustments.
  • Serving as a health resource to staff, students and parents.  Call the nurse (423-1800) with any health-related concerns.