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Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibility

A positive, strong relationship between home and school is vital.  Parents, staff, and children share responsibility for a successful school experience.  Parents are expected to take an active part in supporting their child's education and the Basics+ program by:

  • Demonstrate interest and keep informed about my child's progress in school.
  • Support the school's disciplinary program. Follow the policies stated in handbook.
  • Actively participate in conferences with teachers and other school staff.
  • Follow suggestions recommended by school staff to assist my child's learning.
  • Review my child's report card with him/her.
  • Send my child to school with a positive attitude toward learning and school.
  • Be aware of my child's daily homework and classroom procedures.  Adhere to homework expectations and policies in handbook.
  • Provide an appropriate, quiet place and time for the child to do homework.
  • Send my child to school properly clothed, rested and fed.  Abide by the dress code as defined in the handbook.
  • Assure my child comes to school regularly (180 days as required by Senate Bill #1193) and on time.
  • Attend programs presented by the school for parents and the community.
  • Sign and promptly return parent notices.
  • In case of illness, NOT return my child to school until he/she is well, including making sure his/her temperature has been normal for 24 hours.
  • Update my child's emergency information each time a change occurs.
  • Pick up my child immediately after dismissal.
  • Adhere to all traffic safety rules for drop-off and pick-up.


A statement indicating acceptance of the Basics+ School philosophy and regulations is included on the Parent Responsibility Agreement form.  Once completed and signed by the parent, this form becomes part of the child's cumulative record while attending Millikin.


Parents receive annual written notification of their rights and obligations as prescribed by law.