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President's Corner

       Welcome to the start of another school year at Millikin Basics + Elementary School! While the Millikin PTA is looking forward to bringing you some of our  traditional programs, (such as Movie Night, Harvest Festival, Walk-a-Thon, Game Night, and Play Day), we have some exciting new ideas this year.

       We will continue to give each teacher and school program a small grant to buy supplies and classroom related equipment. PTA has arranged 2 fun assemblies for all students (Nov and Feb), and we are again able to financially support a 3rd field trip for grades K-4. To enrich our campus for years to come, we have commissioned a mural to brighten up the wall of the F wing.

       While our focus is always on our students, we have introduced ways to hopefully make our parents’ lives a little easier. For the first time, we are accepting membership dues and school store payments online. Our volunteer hour logbook will also be online, replacing the thick binders of the past. Parents have voiced concerns about the safety and emotional well being of our students. The Millikin PTA hears you, and I am planning to bring in our school’s wellness coordinator and the Santa Clara Police Department to discuss these issues at our PTA meetings.

       We have also listened to our working parents who are asking for evening PTA meetings. Mark your calendars now for our 4 PTA meetings this year Aug 20 & Oct 15 at 8:30 am, and Jan 21 & March 1 at 6:30 pm.

       Your involvement in volunteering is essential to helping make your child’s education a success. We encourage you to volunteer your time throughout the year by being a part of the many activities and events that build our school’s community. You will quickly discover that volunteering is a great way to get to know the parents and children in your child’s class. Children and parents alike benefit when families make volunteering a priority.

        My advice for becoming involved and informed is to go to the Millikin website and subscribe to the Millikin E-newsletter. Also pay attention to emails from your room parent throughout the year. Read through everything in this packet, sign up for volunteer opportunities at Back-To-School Night, and attend PTA meetings.

Be informed, Be active, Be your child’s biggest fan. Be PTA.

Jerry A. Higgs, Millikin Basics + PTA President