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Transportation & Traffic Safety

Transportation to and from Millikin is the responsibility of the parent.  There is no bussing option.  

During drop-off and pick-up times drivers must exercise extreme caution.  Please follow these general rules to ensure our staff, students, and community remain safe.   


  • Ensure that your child has their backpack / lunchbox next to them in the car before arriving.   

  • Please pull up to the curb, park your car but do not leave your car unattended at any time. 

  • Have your child/children enter / exit the vehicle on the SIDEWALK SIDE of your vehicle.  Please do not have them enter / exit into the street.  

  • Parking lots are for staff parking only.  Please do not park in there even for a “quick” drop off.  

  • Always drive as slowly and carefully as necessary to ensure the absolute safety of all our children.  

  • Follow all posted traffic signs (including No Left Turn signs).  

  • Do NOT make any  u-turns upon exiting or entering the roadways around the school.  Please continue down the street and exit to Kiely, Homestead, or Forbes accordingly.  

  • See maps below for drop off gates and flow of traffic.


  • Ensure that you are focused on where you are walking/biking and not distracted with electronic devices.  

  • ONLY cross streets at marked crosswalks.  Do NOT illegally cross any street to get to the campus.  This includes parking on the opposite side of Hobart (or Forbes) AND WALKING ACROSS THE STREET TO GET  TO THE SCHOOL.  This is unsafe for everyone and is not allowed.  Students will receive citations if they are seen doing this (whether with a parent or alone).   

  • Please use the sidewalks when walking to/from  school and do not create “shortcuts” through our parking lots and across the grass. 

  • Follow  all bicycle safety rules above.